You must see the Pantheon

You must see the Pantheon

The Roman Pantheon

Fontana del Pantheon

After leaving the Tiber River area, we walked, and I recommend walking.  Trying to drive there is a nightmare and really unnecessary if you are going to sites throughout Rome.  The train system is good as well and the buses, but walk if you can.  It feels good to walk after sitting on a plane, train or automobile or in a hotel room and mostly if you had a huge lunch or dinner.

Lucky for us the lines were not too long and we did not have to pay to get in.  We just followed the crowd and went inside.   The Pantheon  Ancient Pantheon

So, we saw this beautiful fountain and really tried to get a picture of it without people in the way, but that proved very difficult.  After all, it was a warm and gorgeous day in Rome.  The Fontana del Pantheon commissioned by Rome’s Pope Gregory XIII and located in the Piazza della Rotonda  Rome, in front of the Roman Pantheon  Giacomo Della Porta designed this fountain 1575 and sculpting it out of marble by Leonardo Sormani.  

We headed into the Pantheon, though some websites stated that there was a fee, we just walked in with a long line of people with no fee at least that day.  The tours surely had fees, but we just wanted to get out of the warm Roman sun and enjoy the beauty and history of the Pantheon.

Lucky for us, the lines moved quickly and people did not push or run in front of you to see or take pictures.  What this building was known for is not truly known, but the porch, the name, and the pediment decoration might suggest a temple of sorts.  

There has been no knowledge of a god or gods here so it could have also been a place for the emperor to see his people and make an appearance.   This Pantheon was built on the same site as two of the other Pantheon buildings.  Hadrian was emperor when this one was completed.  

*Interesting fact, since I love Scotland* Hadrian had a wall built in Scotland…. mmmm just thought it was an interesting fact.  

At any rate, it was really awesome and I mean that in the “awe” part.  

After we left the Roman Pantheon we headed back to our hotel and low and behold!  We ran into the Trevi Fountain.  Now, we had gone the day before and it was dry and they were cleaning it, but today!!!!! Amazing!  Lucky us we were able to see it in all its glory!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated.  Next up:  Trevi Fountain and “the day” before at the Spanish Steps.  






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