Two really cool things to do in Rome after dark…

Two really cool things to do in Rome after dark…

Bone Chapel

Take the tour of this amazing site here and at the Catacombs.  This is the tour company that we used.  Great tour company.  Whitney suggested this and if you have not figured out yet, Whitney was pretty amazing at her suggestions i.e., San Marino, Polignano A Mare, etc…

I wish we could have taken pictures, but alas it was not allowed!!! however, if you follow the link here then you can read all about the Capuchin monks and their incredible Bone Chapel.  The Crypt is called the Bone Church.  Over 4000 monks skeletons are herein, decorated in a different fashion.  We had an awesome tour guide that knew her stuff.  We were able to enjoy the museum and then the good stuff…. the bones!!!!!!

It truly is a work of art and you should come here if you can, the after-dark stuff makes it just a bit cooler!

The Catacombs after dark

Again, we could not take pictures and believe you me, I wanted to!  I also respected the tour guide and the rules that had to set for us.  I am lucky there are pictures on the internet.  

To walk after dark, well even if it was light outside, it was really dark down below in the catacombs.  Again we had our tour guide, the same one from the bone chapel.  She was amazing and just knew so much about the Catacombs.  

These subterranean passageways were used as a burial place for many centuries.  The early Christian Romans, Pagans and the Jewish were buried here in the catacombs.  Because the Christians did not “believe” in the Pagan ways of burning their dead, they created the underground catacombs or cemeteries.

What was so cool to see was the rows and rows of the rectangular cutouts for their dead to be buried.  They were wrapped in sheets and placed in these cutouts and then they covered them with clay which was baked and some people could even afford marble.  They would then carve their loved one’s name on the cover.  The Christians used their Christian symbols.

Read about the catacombs here and you can see a few pictures as well.  We could not take pictures due to the frescos being so fragile.  

You really must go here, it is so worth the tour!  

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