The Incredible Villa Borghese

The Incredible Villa Borghese

The incredible Villa Borghese

What a beautiful day we picked to visit the Villa Borghese!  We came here after the very busy morning at the Vatican Museum and considering how many people were at the Vatican and the Museum, the almost tranquil atmosphere at the park and the Villa was so very welcome.  

Click here to read about all the Villa Borghese offers

When I looked it up for booking a tour and all, I did not realize that it was a park as well.  Not just any park, but there are many things to do there.  

Details of Villa Borghese

Things to do at Villa Borghese Park

  1. They have boat rentals.  Rent a boat on a beautiful day and enjoy the scenery.  
  2. Visit the Museum (which is what we did)
  3. See an outdoor movie
  4. During the summer months, you can see an Opera
  5. Go to the zoo (it is inside the park)
  6. Go on a train ride (kiddos love this)
  7. See the puppet shows
  8. Go see the Victorian Water Clock
  9. Rent some bikes (riding requires up some hills in parts)

We went to the Museum.  *Note to self* if I/we ever go back I/we must explore this park to the fullest!

We were so excited to have a tour and our tour guide seemed awesome, but alas at the last minute, for whatever reason our tour guide, who was American, could not take us on the tour.  Something to do with local tour guides or whatever yada yada yada.  Needless to say, were where very disappointed and also, we do not read Italian well, so we took ourselves on our own tour, which would have been amazing had we had our awesome tour guide.  

The museum itself had spectacular art and though we did not know much about most of it, we pieced it together from the literature that was provided and we made it work.  You have to lock your bags ups before going in and make sure you keep your hands to yourself! 

I hope you get a chance to go there if you are in Rome, it is totally worth the visit.  One could almost say it should be done in at least two days, especially if you are going to visit all that it has to offer. 








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