Hey Sheri, do you want to go to a Supernatural Convention with me?

Hey Sheri, do you want to go to a Supernatural Convention with me?

Supernatural Convention in Vegas

“Hey Sheri, do you want to go to the Supernatural convention in Vegas with me in March next year”? Jane asked me one day at work.  “HUH”?, what the heck is that”,  I responded.  “Oh my GOD”, she replied, “Supernatural, you know Dean and Sam Winchester, the show I watch, the one that I started watching while going through my cancer treatment”. 400014519_27254714cf


“Oh”, I replied, “Ummm, when”, I asked.  “March 28th-March 3st, 2019, next year”, she tells me.  “Uh, let me check my calendar, I might be out of the country”, I say not really knowing if this was the case or if something like this is my deal.  I thought about it and figured why not.  “I guess so”, I tell her looking at the end of March 2019 while in the month of like April or May 2018.  

Supernatural_season_1_opening_title“Really”, her eyes light up.  “That would be so cool, you can meet my friends and see Jensen and Jared and some of the cast and crew of Supernatural”!  Jane just loved to talk Supernatural. 

I have to tell you our story.  I met Jane in Dec 2017.  I interviewed for a job where she happens to work, it’s my second job, I have had two jobs a long ass time. Jane interviewed me after the big boss did and well, we just clicked.  Her birthday and mine are less than a month apart.  Both of us born in the grand year of 1967.  She has six kids, (she wins), I have four, I have five grandbabies (I win that one).  She is bubbly, friendly, fun and so sweet.  I am friendly, bubbly, fun but the obnoxious one in this story. 

Catch up on all the seasons

Supernatural_Season_Four_title_card“Ok”, she says, “Start watching the seasons, there are thirteen, we are in season fourteen, you have almost a year to do this”, she told me.  “uh, sure”, I reply thinking when the heck am I going to watch thirteen seasons of ANYTHING?  I am a GOT girl after all and in mourning for the last season to come about.  “Sure Janie”, I say, “I got this”.  I have to be honest, I just thought I would go for moral support and be there cause I really liked Jane and wanted to hang out with her. 


I umm, did not watch one episode.  Life gets in the way you know?  I was working, traveling and watching some tv here and there.  Not thirteen seasons of a show that well, never hit my radar.  Oh, sure I have heard of the show, seen it on Netflix and on TV every now and again.  Oh well, I thought, it’s going to be fun to hang out with Jane and get to know how much she loves this show.

My first two and only shows

On Valentine’s day this year, 2019, I watched Season 1, Episode 1 and Season 14 episode 300 with Jane at her house.  She made me dinner, we had wine and I got to meet most of her kiddos and hubby.  They all knew how crazy she was about this SPN family.  Oh, did I mention, her license plate to her car even shows the love to SPN.

I liked the shows.  Jane explained as much as my brain could absorb and still answers all the questions I have about the show.  She is just awesome like that.  She has some really cool collections from the show and from her time at conventions.  I got to see all of that too.  I felt honored, because Jane really, really loves this show and the connection she has to it, so it was important to me.

This is quite different from what I usually post and write about.  I write about awesome travel.  Well, it is an awesome trip.  I traveled to a dimension where Supernatural ruled the universe and I went along for the ride. 

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated.

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole,”

— Dean Winchester, Pilot episode


Thank you Creative Commons for the pictures)



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