Scotland how I have missed you…

Scotland how I have missed you…

I really love Scotland

If I have not made it clear in my posts of Scotland, I love Scotland.  Since I was little, Scotland has always been my dream place.  So, in 2016 I went almost a whole month and embraced as much as I could and then realized that I need and I say NEED, to come back to this amazing country year after year until I physically can’t!

With that being said, in 2016, I met an amazing woman named Paula.  She has the same love for Scotland as I and we kept in contact and planned a trip in 2017.  This is our journey.

Straight flight vs. Multiple flights

Let’s be honest, if I had my way, there would be a straight flight from Long Beach to Edinburgh ALWAYS, however, the powers that be say otherwise and well I make it happen, but I can hope, right? ♥

We both planned our flight pretty good, she lives in the Sacramento area and me in Long Beach.  That is California for those who don’t know those cities.  We met up in New York, my first time at JFK and took our last flight straight to Edinburgh!  Whoo Hoo.  It was great to fly together so we could make our plans and get excited!


We made it!!!! 

We made it safe and sound and we had plans to do and see something amazing every day… every day was almost perfectly planned expect we did not plan on the downgraded Hurricane!  Even that Storm did not stop us!!! The weather has a way of altering your plans, but we persisted.. thank you Storm Ophelia.. more on that later…

Next up.. our journey to Rosslyn Chapel and all of its beauty.

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated…

Tiaraidh an dràsda



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