First stop

Our first stop after leaving the airport and getting our rental car.  First, a shout out to Paula for driving.  I know I posted driving in the U.K. in previous posts, but this is where I watched and tried to learn.  Paula, I would say was an expert driver, left or right side, the “stick shift” as we Americans call it.  I would call myself a lucky novice!

Rosslyn Chapel


Lots of people might think the Da Vinci Code and well they would be right to think this, but this Chapel has been around a lot longer than the Dan Brown book and movie.  Click here to learn about Rosslyn Chapel

The weather was cool and cloudy, just perfect for a Scotland day, especially after hours of travel through airports and plane changing.

Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures inside.  I wanted to sneak a few and I think Paula might have? but I was worried they would kick us out.  We were able to listen to representative from the chapel talk about the chapel and its history.  

In my video, a chapel cat named William appeared in our laps. William the Cat  He is the resident cat and has quite the following.  He liked Paula.  He sat with me a bit but liked her more.  He was adorable.  

We did not spend too much time here, but we stopped in the cafe for a coffee and treat.  Reading the website provides a lot of information.  The chapel is not huge but has a really interesting history.  

Coming to Scotland, we had a big agenda.  After visiting the beautiful Rosslyn Chapel, we headed out to Dunfermline Castle…..

Catch me on the journey…

Tha sinn a’dol mun cuairt 







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