Dunfermline Palace and Abbey

Dunfermline Palace and Abbey

The Palace

This is my second visit and I believe it was Paula’s 1st visit to Dunfermline Palace and Abbey. 20171004_123227 I loved it here, heck I love all the castles, castle ruins, and abbeys, etc. that I have been to in Scotland.  

The Royals

Many of the Scottish monarchs favored Dunfermline as a residence.  History documented this as a residence of royalty beginning in the 11th century with Malcolm III, making it his own capital. 

Malcolm’s Tower, which is his seat, is just a few hundred yards west of the then later palace.  It was called a Palace, not a Castle. 

During the medieval period of time, both David II and James the I of Scotland were born here at Dunfermline.  Read more about Dunfermline here.

Doing a lot day one

Even though Paula and I had just gotten off a plane that day, we were ready for action!  We wanted to see and do as much as we could, weather can play a factor in Scotland any time of year, but October was a new month for us to travel to Scotland and as we found out later, it can inhibit your travel or destinations at times.  So a quick stop at the Palace and the Abbey.  I will come back here again!  It is worth it, each time you see something different and if you love Scotland like me, a repeat performance is always worth the trip!

The Abbey

It is still a functioning Abbey and services are still provided.  It has been there a long time!  Robert the Bruce is buried here.

In the Abbey, many famous people are buried.

It still amazes me at how much history can revolve around one site such at this once grand Palace and still grand Abbey.  

Winding down for the night

After a really busy day of flying, Rosslyn Chapel and the beautiful Dunfermline Palace and Abbey we headed off to our wonderful B&B for the next few nights in Dunfermline.  Our host and hostess were so wonderful and helpful.  We stayed at Bunreebandb.

I overpacked!  I took a large suitcase and another one to boot, I should have known better, I traveled in Scotland for almost a month with a backpack, so uggg, lesson learned.  I did the same thing in 2018, too much luggage.  I need to redo a tips and hints page and follow my own advice!

We checked in and let me tell you that we were tired, but a good tired.  I also found out about a new sister I never knew I had at the end of our long day!  Talk about an amazing way to start my adventure. I love you, Trudy!!!!

Tomorrow… Edinburgh…

Oidhche mhath


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