1st stop.. Scott Monument..


Did I mention how wonderful our hosts were at Bunree?  If not I will again.  Una and Hamish were so nice and helpful and great cooks!! 20171005_073748

After a wonderful meal, we headed out to Halbeath Park and Ride to take the bus into Edinburgh.  I recommend taking public transportation as much as you can, some places you just need a car, but this was worth the bus ticket.  Edinburgh is a large city, busy, traffic and parking is at minimal and expensive.  

Scott Monument

We did a lot that day but started it with the Scott Monument.  This was my second visit to the incredible monument and I was looking forward to visiting it again.    


  1. Scott Monument is not for the faint of heart.  It is a lot of climbing as it is in places in Scotland.
  2. I had a small Osprey backpack and it just made it thru the top level with me attached to it
  3. The views of Edinburgh and beyond are incredible
  4. If you are afraid of heights, it’s probably not for you
  5. There is much significance to the Monument, take the time to read about it

This incredible tower is over a little over 200 feet!  There are viewing platforms on each level that you get to by those little stairs I mentioned.  It truly does give you the most incredible panoramic views of as I read earlier, of central Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

The last platform, the highest has 288 steps you need to take to reach the top.  Well worth the lack of oxygen in my lungs.  To read more about the details of the monument click here.

What a great start to our day!  Our next stop…Calton Hill…

Chì mi thu a dh ‘aithghearr








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