Have you been to Calton Hill?

Have you been to Calton Hill?

I have been to Calton Hill.  I went there at the end of April 2016 for the incredible Beltane Fire Festival!  It was so cold that night, but totally worth all the frozen toes, I really thought I was dressed warm, ha! the cold air from Scotland fooled the Southern California girl and it was at night!

Go during the day

This time, with my beautiful friend Paula, who if you notice in all of our pictures always takes off her glasses for her photo.  I did manage during our trip to get a very few shots with her glasses on.  I have embraced my inner self and like my glasses now, ok off-topic, back to Calton Hill.

During the day for the most part in it can be sunny or potentially sunny.  At any rate, we were lucky and had a really sunny day!  The walk up to the top via the stairs.. umm.. Sheri still needs to get into shape!  (sorry for the cuss words!)

To the top!

So after my lungs had their workout, to the top we went.  Calton Hill offers such beautiful views of the city and beyond.  Calton Hill has some interesting history and it is worth reading how the past shaped the future.  The Monument you see at the top is the National Monument of Scotland.  It really is a must-see and like I said you can see so much of Edinburgh, even Arthurs Seat (I am going to do that one day too!).

Sorry to all the Scottish people for my really bad accent!  My attempts are always done with respect.  I think my American accent is better though.  At any rate, we enjoyed the morning there on Calton Hill as we planned the rest of our day!


Lean mi!


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