A Palace, a Castle in a rock and sunny day

The old and the new

Holyrood.  A working palace, a palace of old and new, well mostly old but the current (new) monarchy use this Palace when in Scotland.  It is truly a beautiful Palace.  The history, like all the castles and palaces in Scotland, are simply incredible to me, either ruin or ones that still host Royalty, I think they are all so unique and astounding.  

I went there in 2016 and posted about previously.  Check out my older post on Holyrood Palace   It is definitely one to see, especially if you love old Palaces and beautiful gardens.  The gardens are so beautiful there, especially in the Spring and Summer. 


Edinburgh Castle

My first time here in 2016, it brought me to tears.  Tears of happiness that I had finally gotten there after years of wanting to come to Scotland and tears to know that my ancestors lived in this glorious Castle.

Please read about my first experience here.   I love coming here.  I have been here twice and once for the Tattoo.   Please click on the hyperlinks to read about that experience as well.  It is truly amazing!  Paula and I met a really sweet young lady visiting by herself that day, Miss Victoria was our buddy for the day and we even had dinner with her after all of the walkings!.  We are still buddy’s today!

It was just as magnificent as it was the first time for me and I will go back as many times as I can.  My goal is to go to Scotland until I physically can’t.  I hope that is a really long time.  Walking down the Royal Mile right outside of the Castle we saw this place!  Must eat there next time I go!

After our long day of walking and exploring, we found some yummy food to eat at Milnes Bar in Edinburgh.  Paula, Victoria and I shared our adventures over a good pint and warm goodness in the belly.  Milnes Bar ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


Paula and I took the bus back that night and at the carpark tried our best to get a picture of the full moon, it was mesmerizing!  They all look like the same picture, they are of the moon, but three separate shots.  I need a better camera for that, I used my Samsung Galaxy 8 plus.  Not bad Samsung!  Off to bed, we went to our B&B and adventures awaited us the next day.. join us for the next one…

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Oidhche mhath 



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