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A quick stop in St. Andrews

St. Andrews Golf Course

This day would turn out to be quite the busy day!  A quick trip to St. Andrews Golf Course and off to the next destination.  For any golfer, this is one of the coveted golf courses to play.  I am NOT a golfer, however I can understand, I get this way when I see a historic building.  Check out my post from 2018.  I know the timing is backwards, but with all good intention.

The Old Course at St Andrews is thought as the “home of golf”.  This sport was first played on the Links at St Andrews as early 15th century.  Golf was became very popular in Scotland, but in 1457, King James II of Scotland banned golf because he felt that the young men were playing golf way too much instead of perfecting their archery and such.  Golf stayed banned until 1502 when King James IV a golfer himself removed the ban.  Just a tidbit about the course!

We happened upon the course when there was a celebrity tournament happening and well to be honest I did not know who they were, but it was fun to watch them, Paula seemed to know a heck of lot more than I did and still do for that matter!

Paula wanted to have a look around and our host at the B&B recommended to have a look.  It is quite beautiful.  St. Andrews Bay is located off St. Andrews and that is off the east coast of Scotland, the nice and cold North Sea side!!!

St Andrews - Google Maps (1).png

It is a lovely place to visit and with some really interesting things to see!  Especially if you are a golfer, this is the place for you!!!

Off to our next destination….

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Tiaraidh an dràsda



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