Starting the journey to Machu Picchu

Starting the journey to Machu Picchu

What can I do in a week?

As I sit here in Ollantaytambo Inca Rail train station waiting room  whew that was a mouthful, I am caressed by a gentle breeze, traditional music in the background and a cup of hot coca leaf tea, which tastes like any other herbal tea fyi, I reflect on how truly lucky I really am to make this journey and all the others before and to come.  Thank you Dad!

Traveling as a “single” person has many advantages, but I am not alone on this trip.  Eight incredible people are with me making this short, but spectacular journey.  

I have to share this picture.. I bought this pillow for my trip and if the seat in front of me was not reclined all the way well I am sure it would have worked better.. 20190517_212605

So the flight was not horrible, we had some weather in Bogata.  We flew Avianca to Bogota and then Avianca again from Bogota to Cusco.  

Arriving in Cusco, getting our bags and passing through immigration, not too bad, one of our group members bag did not make it!!!  They are going to bring it!  Thank goodness he had some extra clothes.

We took a “taxi”/”bus” to Ollantaytambo which is mostly bumpy, twisty and lots of road construction.  Our driver Alex stopped in Chinchero, about half way to Ollantaytambo so we could use the bathroom and see some Llamas and Alpaca.  I also bought some little keychains for my grandbabies!!! Can’t help it…

Sitting here now after the last 10 minutes of the drive to the train station, where my guts almost came out from the cobblestone road, this calm atmosphere and lovely waiting room, teas and gentle music have soothed my tummy and my head.  Very nice!

A few pointers…


  •  Everything is in Spanish first, but the English speaking is pretty good
  • Again as I have said, no toilet seat covers
  • Bring small bills the use Nuevo Sol here in Peru
  • Arrange your transportation to Ollantaytambo either before or in the airport, the taxis are way more expensive outside
  • Try the Chlorophyll, anti nausea meds, take over the counter analgesics, the headaches are very real!
  • DRINK ONLY BOTTLED WATER and don’t forget to drink it
  • Bloody noses will happen

Make sure to enjoy the peacefulness of the waiting room, the tea, restful chairs and bathrooms..

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!







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