Day: May 27, 2019

Scotland 2017

Outlander Fan? Falkland is the place to visit

Outlander!  The book series is just the thing we women need to solidify our crushes on incredibly handsome, strong, virile highlander men!  Oh my!  Well, just so you know, Falkland is not in Outlander, but it is used as a backdrop for the TV series.  Paula is a HUGE Outlander fan! After leaving St. Andrews, […]

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Travels in South America

Breezy day in Aguas Caliente

Sunday The day for rest or exploring a little, lunch with friends and preparing for Machu Picchu. Wait! There is really no preparing for Machu Picchu if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast but that is for the next post.    Sunday, we slept in, which was much needed!  Up around 10am, dressed and heading out […]

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