Breezy day in Aguas Caliente

Breezy day in Aguas Caliente


The day for rest or exploring a little, lunch with friends and preparing for Machu Picchu. Wait! There is really no preparing for Machu Picchu if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast but that is for the next post.   

Sunday, we slept in, which was much needed!  Up around 10am, dressed and heading out for some much-needed coffee20190519_121420We ended up at the same place we were going to have lunch at.

We ate at Mapacho Restaurant.  It started with some delicious coffee with two of our friends and we ended upstairs waiting for the rest of our group to have lunch with.  The food was so delicious and the service was number 1!  Roy was an amazing waiter and my hats off to him and the rest of the staff. 

We spent about three hours here and it was worth it.  We ended up getting a great view of the Urubamba River. 20190519_125523

After a great lunch, we walked about and did some tourist shopping.  I got some adorable sweaters for my grandbabies.  We then headed out to the city center square.  We happened upon it and it was really nice.  You can read here about the city.

It was a Sunday, but the hustle and bustle of a small town was a buzzing.  Some of the group stopped for ice cream, others like myself just did the slow walk through town.  We had a big day set for Monday and a good night sleep was needed.  Machu Picchu was not a joke, at least that was my assumption on that lazy Sunday.  

Up next… Machu Picchu!

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