Um, excuse me, can I just do my job?

Um, excuse me, can I just do my job?

Hey, I need to just assess my patient

Coming on my 4th night shift, I am a little salty.  Sleep deprivation is at its highest and coffee is not hitting the high note, but I am beyond alert and oriented.  I have worked the night shift for almost 18 years and I know some of you will cringe at that, but hey, it’s my life and well, it works for me.

So, when I come to work, can you just let me do my job?  Weekends are a higher instance for visitors and for the patients, that is usually a great thing.  I love it because my patients are happy when their friends and family come (but not always and that would be a different post), but hey, visitors are great.

Can I just get in about 10 mins or less?

I come to work, well to work.  So, after the bedside report is done and I am heading back in for my assessment, visitors, please, please take note and allow me to do my job and don’t be snarky about it.  Not sure that last time you were in the hospital, but when in the hospital you have a doctor and then you have your advocate, me, your nurse.  With that being said, can I please if not respecting me, (because I don’t know you anyhow), but can you respect the person your visiting and comply with my request to step out of the room so I may assess your loved one?

Rant over

Thank you for listening.  When you come to visit your friends and family at the hospital and the nurses change their shifts, be respectful, please, well really all the time.  We want to care for your loved ones 100%, but don’t make faces at us, sigh like we are wasting your time, refuse to comply or talk about us under your breath as you exit the room (we can hear you). 





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