Can’t do it all by myself…

Can’t do it all by myself…

We all need a little help sometimes


So this is a picture of my messy backyard, nice shot with George the loyal terrier.  More about him later.  As you can see, there is a nice “pergola” which is the proper name for this sun protection apparatus.

Well, let’s have a little bit of background.  I am 51, single mom of adult children (my friend in Scotland says she does not understand why American’s say this), (frankly neither do I Fiona, but hey, I just go with it).  Anyhow, I have kids that are no longer requiring my services in the capacity of butt wiping, feeding and making them go to bed.

With that being said, I have for the most part relied on just myself for tasks around the house, except a few and I will give shout outs to the particulars, but for the sake of the story, I usually do things by myself, including, but not limited to, putting all the items that look amazing online and come in a tiny box, requiring at least 3 to 4 hours of my day to put together.  Sweat, screaming (in my head mostly), maybe a stubbed toe or two.

Back to the story.  I thought in my slightly wine induced brain at 1pm in the afternoon, (yes it was hot yesterday), I decided that the pergola was going up!  WTH what I thinking.  After my rosacea caught on fire (within the first 30 mins) and I was rocking out to George Michael, a lot more wine, water and a break for some salad (thank you Summer), Summer is my daughter, I was on a roll.  Oh, so I thought.  Oh was I wrong…


My daughter came out to help me, then the frame fell on us.  It fell multiple times FYI, popped me on the head real good once.  She got on the phone and called her very capable brothers-in-law to come to the rescue.  Between them, my brother and my dad (who by the way were home, but I did not ask for help) I was not happy, let me tell you, I had to do it and do it by myself, but after the guys got there and took control, I realized I needed help.  You know, I like to just do my own thing so I have only myself to yell at if it is not done right.

Bottom line 

Everyone needs help, even the controlling single mom who never wants help (except for the dishes and the litter boxes) and it is so hard to admit it.  I felt defeated last night, bought them some pizza, Summer got them ice cream and yes they put it together beautifully, except the scars I put on it from multiple drops on the cement.

Lesson learned.  I ate humble pie last night and well, it tasted gross.  Don’t be like me… ask for help.  The end result was so much better.  They did an amazing job!  Thank you, Mitchell, Quentin, little brother and dad and Summer for being more level headed than her stubborn mom!!

Bye for now!



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