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I have to tell you, after coming down from Wayna Picchu, I really felt sort of sad, because I really wanted to see more of Machu Picchu.  Joyce and I were pooped out from the hike or climb and well I thought that we were done, but lucky us, we had to walk back thru Machu Picchu to get out after leaving Wayna Picchu!  Lucky us!!

One of the really cool parts was the Temple of the Condor.

20190520_112402This is a great example of Incan stonemasonry.  There is a natural rock formation that shaped over millions and millions of ears and the masons shaped into the rock you see below.  It is a Condor with wings outspread as if in flight.


Historians have speculated that the head of the condor was used as a sacrificial altar.  There was a small mummy found in a small cave under the temple and there was a prison behind the temple.  Mazes of dungeons were found and according to some historians, someone accused would be shacked here for up to three days awaiting their fate.

Pretty cool stuff huh?  At any rate, the day began to warm up and my layers were getting hot.  We wrapped it up for a few more photos and then waited for a bus to take us back into Agua Caliente.

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2 thoughts on “The Machu Picchu experience

    1. It was an amazing trip. I was so happy to be able to go and hopefully back again one day. They talked about Hiram Bingham alot during the tour.
      Thank you!!!!

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