Taking the Inca Rail back to Cusco…

Taking the Inca Rail back to Cusco…

Taking Inca Rail

After hiking Machu Picchu and *the almost top of* Wayna Picchu, as discussed in my last Peru post, we headed back to the Hostel.  We did take time out for a massage which was worth the pit stop sore muscles and all.  All and all, the trip to Machu Picchu and all its glory was amazing and to do it all over again, I would get into better shape and take the Inca Trail.  I would have loved to experience some of the intensity that the amazing chasquis runners!

We headed out the next morning to the Train Station in Aguas Caliente.  Of course, the vendors are selling their wares all around.  There is even a covered “swapmeet” style set up on the way to the train station.  I admit I bought quite a bit while I was there, some in Aguas and the rest in Cusco.

Few suggestions after leaving Machu Picchu:

  • Prepay for your tickets (to and from Machu Picchu or Aguas Caliente)
  • Prepay for a ride back to Cusco
  • Inca Rail provides that option
  • Let me stay this again:  Don’t bring a large luggage bag
  • If you bring a large luggage bag, you will have to leave it at the station when heading into Aguas Caliente
  • When you return to Ollantaytambo that “large” luggage has to fit on the bus ride back, which by the way you figured out that it had to fit on the way up too! This means no large luggage!

Back to Cusco

After a very long day, up early, train travel, bus travel, taxi travel… We were dropped off at the Cusco train station and from there we all jumped into taxis to check into the Hilton Garden Inn in Cusco. 

We were all in need of a nice hot shower and some food!  The hotel was wonderful.  It was familiar, being a Hilton and all.  However, remember this while in Peru, even in the beautiful Hilton…

 Don’t drink the tap water!

Showers, rest and some food and more rest

I 100% recommend the Hilton Garden Inn.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  After the showers and rest, we headed down to the restaurant in the hotel.  Hotel food is hotel food, but they did provide local dishes and drinks.  I was craving some soup and soup it was!

Dinner at Morena Peruvian Kitchen

We ended our night at Morena Peruvian Kitchen in Cusco.  Delicious food and great company.  We celebrated our friend’s birthday and it was such a treat.

After a scrumptious dinner, we ended our night early because it was ATV riding scheduled for the next day and the salt mines!  Buenas Noches!

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