ONS Leadership Conference… can’t forget to be a tourist too…

ONS Leadership Conference… can’t forget to be a tourist too…

My first Leadership Conference!

I am a nurse.  I am sure that you figured this out by now.  I have been a nurse for 17 years and an Oncology nurse for 16 of those years.  I belong to the Oncology Nursing Society and am a new board member of my chapter.  2 years ago I was so lucky to attend their ONS Capital Hills Day.  This year my friend Joyce and I (she is an oncology nurse as well and part of our board), are here in Pittsburg!


After a red-eye flight from LAX to Dulles Airport and then to Pittsburg and a heatwave that is blanketing most of the country, I am looking forward to a good night of sleep.


Question?  Why is it when you sit in the middle seat on a flight which was almost 5 hours, do I have to sit next to one of the more muscular people on a full flight that has legs the size of tree trunks and hands the size of a mountain?  Oh, and he was texting most of the flight and had his elbow in my 18 inches of personal space as well as the thighs pushing mine to the window seat.

I survived, most people this happens to do, but man, tonight I will be snoring loud and proud.  I am tired!  With that being said, after we arrived at our room at the Wyndham Grand in downtown Pittsburg, which is very nice by the way, we just rested for a bit.  Registration completed after we rested, we headed out to find Primanti Bros!  My brother is such a foodie and told me I MUST go here!

Here are a few pictures from our journey…

Primanti Brothers

Lucky for us, Primanti Brothers was a 5-minute walk from the hotel.  The heat here today and the humidity is not a dang joke… UGG…  We found and lucky for us we did not have to wait long.  It was so good and so different from what I have ever eaten.

I needed to get two tee shirts for my dad and brother, no such luck at this store, we waited over 30 minutes for a lyft to head to the Strip District and lucky me!  ( I did call ahead), 2 XXL shirts and a hat!  I called that lyft right back (new driver) and back to the hotel with some delicious air conditioning.

If you are in Pittsburg, come to Primanti Brothers   If you love the sandwich world and sandwiches made different and delicious, then this is the place for you!!!

Dinner and a parade

So this is my first conference, but apparently, they do this really cool little parade with each chapter attending.  Some of them dress up and really have fun with it.  We had a nice dinner and sat at a table of new acquaintances and had some great conversations.

Joyce and I went down the aisle for the “parade” and had a great time!  Here are a few pictures…

Off to bed for us.  Up early and a busy day… hope to report some cool stuff and I am sure something weird will happen to me, it always does… lol.

Thanks for reading!








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