I have to admit… riding ATV’s was… muy divertido!

I have to admit… riding ATV’s was… muy divertido!

Ride an ATV?  No way

That is what I said when the subject first came up.  Well, I am sure glad they insisted and I did it.  It was a blast.  After leaving Machu Picchu and spending a glorious night in a nice hotel, sleep makes a great difference.  I can do this I told myself, Joyce was actually my cheerleader on this one, she said, “Sheri, it’s going to be fun!”.

Ok, I thought, I have seen some of the stuff here in Peru and was not sure if it was going to be safe, but Peru I was wrong, it was safe and it was fun.  The only part I did not like was the smell of the fuel and how my hands felt after driving for a while, but the fun outweighed the smell and the vibrations to my hands.

Our guides were awesome and patient.  There were nine of us.  For a time three of our friends were running behind, something with the booking, but they got there just in time for quick training and adventures.  We were all going to be together.  For me, traveling with more than 2 or 3 people is something I had never done, but this group was awesome and it was even better that we all were together!

Off we go!

We headed off!  Our destination was Moray.  Moray is an archaeological site that is 31 miles northwest of Cusco, Peru.  It sits on a plateau about 11,500 feet, really high huh? and it is west of Maras a village nearby.

There are Incan ruins there that are mostly the terraced circular depressions.  The largest circular depression is about 98 feet deep.  What the heck.  The Incans were amazing architects.  It has an irrigation system, just like most other Incan sites that have been found.

So, the reason for the depressions is not truly known, but I am sure the theories out there make perfect sense.  Joyce and I sort of fast-walked to the restroom when we first got there, which is not close, just FYI.  You need to buy tickets online.  There are a few places you can choose from.

  • Buy tickets ahead of time
  • Take the ATV ride if you can, it is a lot of fun!
  • The bathrooms are NOT next to the very small office/ticket takers
  • Be prepared to be AMAZED at the ingenuity of the INCAS

Our trip was about two hours up and back.  It was a lot of fun.  We had to head back because the same tour group was taking us to the Salt Mines.  We had a really fun time and I really do recommend this fun day trip!

Up next… the Maras Salt Mines…







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