National Wallace Monument and visiting the incredible… Kelpies

National Wallace Monument and visiting the incredible… Kelpies

The National Wallace Monument

After we left Doune Castle, we stopped at the National Wallace Monument.

I have been here once and remember the incredible trek up to the top and what a view it was when I did make it there.  This time I had a buddy to trek to the top and take some pictures with.

After gaining entrance (there is an entrance fee), we made our way to the top.  This is a great monument in Scotland.  There is even a reenactment on the grounds and it gives you some perspective into life over 700 years ago!

Once at the top, the winds are pretty wild, so hang on and enjoy the incredible view.

The Kelpies

If you have ever been to Scotland, then hopefully you have heard of the Kelpies.  The Kelpies are an incredible display of workmanship and love.  Paula and I went there towards the end of our day so our display was beautiful.  We really wanted to wait for the sun to go down, but we did get some great sunset views and I think pictures as well.

I was pleasantly surprised.  I did not do my homework and did not realize that it was a park.  There were families there, people jogging and walking.  Ice cream being eaten and lots of wonder and awe at the beautiful Kelpies, by yours truly. 

It was a really beautiful way to end our traveling for the day.  We stopped at  The Carnock Inn in Dunfermline.

A hot dinner and beer for me and dessert, of course, finished out the day.  What adventures shall we get into next?


Oidhche mhath 



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