The battle of Falkirk…

The battle of Falkirk…


On a quiet Sunday morning, we drove to Falkirk.  Sunday was a day for places I wanted to go and for places, Paula wanted to go.  It was a great thing when traveling with someone on the same page as you, compromise comes easy.  Falkirk is one of the many, many places I wanted to go to and just breathe in the beauty and try to imagine for just a moment what it was like during the battle that my ancestor was so instrumental in.

For those of you who know me, my passion after my living family is the ancestor world of mine.  I am truly fascinated by how each and every one of them has molded a piece of my life in even a tiny, tiny way.  I know many of my relatives have found in battles and wars, but for a small moment, I was able to just embrace the feelings of this particular ancestor and imagine the moment.  It must have been terrifying.

At any rate in 1298 …


Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll who was the son of Alexander Stewart the 4th Hight Stewart of Scotland.  He died on the 22nd of July in 1298.  Great-grandpa or Great Uncle (have not figured this out to date), was a military commander in the first Scottish War of Independence.  He commanded the Scottish archers.  Sir John is Stewart is honored with a gravestone in the churchyard of the Falkirk Old Parish Church.  Some fun facts are that he is was uncle to James Douglas, Lord of Douglas, also known as the Black Douglas and direct paternal ancestor of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

We spent a fair amount of early morning time there in the Falkirk church grounds.  It was still a quiet morning and service had not started yet.  I was so happy to have come here and see gravestone for my ancestor.  I had fun taking some pictures…

This day was to be a very, very busy day indeed.  We were heading to Glasgow to meet with a friend of Paula’s and then ending the evening all the way down to Thornhill to meet with my adopted family!  It really does help to have a car when doing all sorts of different things and going places!

Follow me to Glasgow…

As always comments or corrections are appreciated!

Tiaraidh an dràsda


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