Making my way to Dublin…

Making my way to Dublin…


Ireland envokes the visions of the Emerald Isle, St. Patrick, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. I can answer one of these thus far, it is an Emerald Isle. So green it was while flying over the isle, beautiful water in the Irish Sea as we approached Dublin Airport. The weather was perfect and for me, coming from 90-degree weather, the 60’s with partly cloudy skies and later a little bit of rain was heavenly.

My original flight was canceled and I was rerouted to Dallas and then to Dublin. Normally it would not have been a big deal to be two hours later, but I had a tour I booked, Trinity College and Dublin Castle. I kept texting them, but no response, I was either going to be late or miss it completely. I was bummed thinking about it, but lucky me, I landed 30 mins early, jumped on a bus, dropped off my bags at my hostel and took off. Brian and the group were waiting for me!

Here are a few things that I have noticed in my short time here

  • Most everything is in Irish Gaelic and then in English
  • They embrace their native language
  • The buses, taxis, and cars are almost the same mannerisms as in the UK
  • They do drive on the left here as well
  • They use EURO, not pounds, only in the UK do they use pounds
  • They are friendly, you just need to be friendly as well

I am staying at the Gardiner Hostel in Dublin. I have stayed at many hostels so I know what to expect. There are 6 bunk beds in my room… mixed with women and men. There is a bit of a smell.. shoes perhaps?. At any rate, it is clean and friendly people and a good price.

My few days here I planned some tours.. just being a tourist which is ok sometimes.  My next post will be about my really cool tour to Trinity College and to see the book of Kells.  Ireland.. though I’m here for 5 days… it’s not long enough… I will be back!!

Come and follow me to my Irish journey…

beannacht a dhéanamh anois


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