Lesson learned…

Lesson learned…

A lesson to be learned

Here I am in beautiful Dublin.  A wonderful city and Ireland an incredible country.  I came here before my trip to Scotland, I have always wanted to come here and I know for sure I want to return, however, lesson learned.

What is that you might ask?  Well, four years ago when I first started to travel out of the country, I thought how can I do this cheaply I mean I spend almost a month away?  I stayed in hostels.  Now mind you, I had never done this before and well, I really wanted the experience.

Well, I got the experience for sure.   I arrived in Scotland at night after being on a bus from Dumfries to Edinburgh.  Long ass bus ride to say the least, but I was super excited.  Ah, the phone service was not the best and I did not know north from east or south from the west when I got off the bus.  One hour later I found my hostel, later I realized it was only 15 minutes away.

I learned fast, that first night that there are no real rules except be polite and respectful.  By no rules I mean, if you want to walk around in your underwear, great.  Fart all night, great.  Keep your stinky shoes and clothes out so everyone can smell them, fantastic and oh, snore, please keep it up!  We all love the symphony.

After my 1st hostel experience, I stayed in I think 5 or 6 more.  I had too, that is how I planned my trip.  I have to say though, for the most part, they were not so bad.  Made my own food, which is cheaper than eating out, met some nice people and I had a clean bed and a shower daily.  Now, the water might not always have been the hottest or full of pressure, some might even turn off every minute, but the experience, one that I never did as a young woman and most American kids don’t do.  I am glad I did it.

So, that brings us to this trip to Ireland.  It was an extra few days I wanted to come before my already planned trip to Scotland.  I will just book this highly rated hostel online I thought after doing much research, or did I?  Oh well, I did it before, let’s do it again.

Lesson Learned

Anyone who has stayed in a hostel knows that you share a room if you book a mixed room.  It is a bit cheaper, but is it worth it if you are over 50?  Wait, is the hostel even worth it?

My view from the top bunk, the smelly kid was underneath and fat smelly ass was next to me on my left.
  1. I will not do this again
  2. Lesson learned
  3. I was in a room with 8 guys and 4 girls ( I am calling myself a girl)
  4. 8 guys smell to high stink heaven
  5. The two stinkiest guys were below me (oh yes, I got the top bunk) and next to me on the next bunk (top)
  6. The guy underneath smelled like ass and feet had a baby
  7. The guy next to me snored like a pig and kept swinging his feet all over the bed, getting way to close to ME (this morning his stinky ass foot touched my face, I almost puked)
  8. Did I mention the more than locker room smell
  9. They never turned on the light! We ladies did
  10. The room was stifling hot at night in Ireland (it’s not that hot in Ireland)
  11. The guy underneath was a slob, leaving his crap by the front door, including those stinky ass shoes… disgusting and I had to touch them every stinking day to get my little locker opened. 
  12. Not one chair to sit on had to sit my big ass on the floor to do anything with my suitcase or to even tie my damn boots!
  13. I chose to leave the hostel a night early and stay at the airport because I could not take it any longer
  14. Two bathrooms for over 12 people with one working shower, we had to go across the hall to use the only other working shower
  16. End of rant

Hotels or a B&B and that it really unless I do some glamping.  So moral of this story?  Lesson learned and this Nana will be doing things a lot more comfortable and if anyone is gonna stink up my room, it better just be me!

Please note, this is not keeping me from Ireland, in fact, I can’t wait to come back.  I just need a room for myself.  This country is amazing and I can’t wait to explore it some more.  

Thanks for reading!



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