Breathtaking (literally), The Cliffs of Moher…

Breathtaking (literally), The Cliffs of Moher…

The Cliffs of Moher

I am not sure what I expected.  I had seen these cliffs in movies, online, in pictures and on tourist sites.  To say I was excited to come and see these cliffs was an understatement.  Ireland is amazing.  The people, the island, the wild Atlantic way.   Taking a tour the first in Ireland was a good choice for me.  The bus was comfortable, had wifi and a great tour guide and bus driver.  I used Viator to book all of my tours.

It rains in Ireland in case you did not know.  A lot.  I knew this and was prepared, I was not really prepared for the wind.  Not sure what I expected, but please if you go, not sure if the seasons change the wind, but it is VERY windy here!  Seafoam was flying up and landing on the ground and I even got smacked in the face with some.  That was super cool.  Here are some pictures in a little video I made.

It was an incredible experience that I hope to do again someday, sooner than later.  There are tours you can take by boat and hopefully, I can go on a day that is not to or so incredibly windy.  This natural rock formation is indeed a treasure to Ireland and has been seen in movies such as Harry Potter and the Princess Bride.

It is iconic Ireland.  Take the time to come here.  You won’t be sorry.

  • Take a tour if your not comfortable driving.
  • The tour takes the hassle out of parking and driving on the left (if you drive on the right)
  • Next time, I will rent a car, it is so much more you can see with a car than a tour bus
  • If you are a local well it is not a big deal
  • Remember to dress accordingly (I saw a lady in ballet slippers)
  • Remember the weather changes in 10 seconds.  Again, dress accordingly.  
  • Umbrellas will die here
  • Be careful, the walk can be very slippery
  • They have a gift shop and a cafe with lovely coffees and teas
  • Take the time to BREATHE in the fresh Atlantic air and just close your eyes and take it all in
  • DON’T put yourself in danger or others just for that one photo!

As always, thank you for reading.  Comments or corrections are appreciated!

ar aghaidh go dtí an chéad stad eile


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