Finish the tour and have a lovely lunch in Galway…

Finish the tour and have a lovely lunch in Galway…

Such a coincidence

I sat next to an adorable young woman on my flight to Dublin.  She told me she lived in Galway and that she had spent the summer in Canada.  She was a nursing student and was in her third year.  Natasha.  She was full of life and energy and seemed happy to be getting home to Galway a place I had forgotten that I was going to stop in after my 2nd tour in Ireland.

On the way to Galway

I wish I would have gotten the place she said she worked at, a pub I think, I would have loved to see her.  Another day Natasha!  Our tour left the Cliffs of Moher, it started to rain while waiting on the bus and well I learned on day one in Ireland, the rain comes in 10 seconds and then goes away.  The wind and all you know.  We had to wait for two people at the Cliffs, they lost track of time, PEOPLE don’t lose track of time!  Tour guides, drivers and the guests they want to get going!

We stopped by a Castle (my favorite thing to do)

First off, we stopped just to look at the ocean, the Wild Atlantic Ocean.  Nice refresher after being on the bus.

So after the quick stop, mind you 10 minutes back onto the bus and another quick stop at Dunguaire Castle (the outside only).  I just love castles.

Off to Galway!  Hunger was calling my name and a nice pint of Guinness?  I admit, I have never had Guinness and I was determined to have it here in Ireland with my lunch.

We were given almost 2 hours to explore this really incredible city, so much going on.  Music could be heard down the road, people bustling about with their shopping bags and at restaurants and pubs.  I wandered down a few streets and found some street performers…

I wish I could have stayed longer but hunger prevailed!  I love that music.  It makes you want to dance and dance.  Off to Lunch at Tigh Neachtian’s.  I sat outside, partly cloudy day and within minutes a nice server came to give me the specials and well, soup is by far my favorite meal in this part of the world, so mushroom soup and a pint of Guinness.

I ended my tour really after that.  Finished up my meal, people watched… this was across the way from where I sat… I love people watching and listening to all the different accents and languages being spoken. Nice chatting with you Richie!

There was music everywhere.  Next to me, down the street… just a really cool town sort of a bohemian feel to it.  Can’t wait to come back!  Thank you, Galway!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated and that my friends, ends the days’ tour.  Until next time.

fheiceann tú amárach


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