Zermatt and the Matterhorn…

Zermatt and the Matterhorn…

The Matterhorn

Amazing is the first word that comes to my mind.  Zermatt yes, but the Matterhorn, not the Disney version with the abominable snowman, but the “real” MatterhornIt consumes the skyline when you are in Zermatt and for good reason.  


So incredible to even be here.  Once again Whitney and I are traveling the world.  This year it is Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.  I will follow up with the travel experience from LA to Zurich in another post.  Oh my goodness… the Matterhorn.  I really had no idea how incredible this mountain was!  This photo is from the train station at Gornergrat.  The end of the line.  

Few things to note:

  • Taking the train to Zermatt is really easy, actually, train travel is very easy here Switzerland
  • Get the Swiss Rail pass.  Totally worth it.  
  • Make your reservations in plenty of time, the sooner the better the prices of rooms, this is a tourist location
  • Dress for the occasion, I did overpack I think just a bit, but the weather changes just like… that
  • If you like hiking this is a great place to do it
  • I don’t ski, but I am just “guessing”? that this place rocks during ski season

I am the best hiking partner, but Whitney was so patient with me and really I am sure there are some really incredible hiking trails I would have fainted from, this one was doable and just remember…  downhill…  toes…  make sure that they are well protected!

We hiked over 5 miles that day.  I can tell you going downhill almost the entire time takes a toll on your toes, so wear good boots and socks.  I did get a few blisters, but they are already healing, I had to hike the next day and they just got toughened up.

I can only imagine the different hikes people can do here in the summer and skiing in the winter.  Amazing.  If you come to Switzerland, you really need to see Zermatt and Gornergrat.  It is an experience you won’t forget.

Hiking here needs to be done in good weather, so plan this in advance, unless you are an incredible hiker.  Plan for the weather to always change.  Bottom line…  This was an incredible day and I had such a great day, sore muscles and all!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Auf Wiedersehen








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