What a journey… The Jungfraujoch… The top of Europe… how to get to the top…

What a journey… The Jungfraujoch… The top of Europe… how to get to the top…


How to get there!

Our trip to Wengen started with a train ride from Zermatt.   This is the train to Wengen↓↓

Don’t forget the Swiss Rail Pass.  It saves more in the end!  We stayed a total of three nights in Wengen.  I totally recommend this lovely village.  Great for hiking, exploring and just relaxing.  Now, to get to Jungfraujoch, you need to start from Kleine Scheidegg.  You can get there from Wengen or from Grindelwald.  Either way, that is where you pick the train up to Jungfraujoch. (FYI, the trains here are about 99% always on time). 

If you have a Swiss Rail Pass, it will cover you to Wengen or Grindelwald.   (Get the PASS).   When we arrived in Wengen, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Our room was literally across the little road from the train station, so super score on our part.

We left from Wengen and bought our Jungfraujoch train pass at the Wengen train station and it started to rain.  Weather changes on a dime here.  If you are on the train past Wengen or Grindelwald without the right pass, you are subject to a 90.00 CHF charge plus the charge for the ticket.

The name Jungfrau (“maiden, virgin”) of the peak is most likely derived from the name Jungfrauenberg given to Wengernalp, so named for the nuns of Interlaken Monastery, its historical owner, but the “virgin” peak was heavily romanticized as “goddess” or “priestess” in late 18th to 19th century Romanticism; after the first ascent in 1811 by Swiss alpinist Johann Rudolf Meyer, the peak was jokingly referred to as “Mme Meyer” (Mrs. Meyer)  (Wikipedia, 2019).

I had to include this little piece about the Jungfraujoch!

We started the day early.  I recommend that you start early.  A few tips for going to Jungfraujoch.

  • Make a reservation if you can
  • Check the weather 
  • Realize the high tourist season
  • Dress accordingly
  • It does get very cold here in the colder season (Sept can be very cold)
  • Ice Palace is colder than the rest of the tour
  • We went at the end of September, so wear warm clothes
  • It can snow, be prepared
  • DONT WEAR HEELS OR SHORTS you will be cold and it is the wrong type of clothes!
  • Let me reiterate… DRESS ACCORDINGLY ↑↑↑↑ see above

Information on how to get to Jungfraujoch.  The weather can change here.  I can only speak to the time of year I went, but it is the mountains, so, therefore, anything goes yes?

Here is a quick video from Jungfraujoch…

We went through the Ice Palace.. and as you can see from the video a cool little place with really cool carvings.  We made it to the outside in the snow and though we could not see too much, the view was awesome!

It was a truly amazing experience to come here and be on the “Top of Europe”.  There are lots of watches to buy if you want and food to eat after your walk around the experience, but I might have met the man of my dreams at the end… the Lindt chocolatier.  

Just look at his gleam of affection towards me…

The chocolate was divine.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as Whitney and I did.  It was simply an amazing experience and if you ever get this way in this part of the world, then come here, it is worth it!  The train ride is one you will never experience and being on “Top of Europe” is a lifetime event!

Please, comments or corrections are always appreciated!

Tschüss für heute



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