Where kings reigned… The Hill of Tara…

Where kings reigned… The Hill of Tara…

As I walked through the Hill of Tara I almost heard…

Kings.  In historic times, 142 Kings were to have reigned here in the name of Tara.  That is a lot of kings or it is a lot of time passed.  The Lia Fáil or Stone of Destiny was the coronation stone and it here where the most powerful of Irish Kings had their inaugural celebration and feasts with approval by Maeve, the Earth Mother Goddess.

This was one of the places I have always wanted to come to

The Hill of Tara is sacred.  In Irish ancient mythology and religion, it has been honored as a place for the gods and an entrance to the otherworld where no mortal grew old, the otherworld of eternal joy and plenty.  One of St. Patrick’s legends where he had a mission to Ireland, it is said he came here first to Tara to witness ancient religion in its most glorious sight.

We only had about an hour to spend here, so I jetting off the tour bus and headed for the hills. (no pun intended).

There where two churches on the hill, one built in the 13th century

Entering the Hill of Tara through a gate, the statue of St. Patrick greets you  ⇓⇓⇓⇓IMG_20190830_170127_217


Tara is 509 feet high

and still dominates the surrounding countryside.  Our tour guide told us that on a clear day from Tara, one can possibly see half of the counties of Ireland.  To the East, you can see where the 6th-century monastery founded by St. Columcille.

Standing on the hills, overlooking parts of Ireland

A sense of peace came over me.  I know in my heart that it was probably not a peaceful place, but at times I’m sure it was.  To know I was standing where famous, not so famous and ordinary people stood centuries past.  We all love to claim our Irish heritage and I am one of them.  That is still a journey I am taking, to know from where they hail, but for a small moment in time, eyes closed, I could feel them around me, welcoming me home.

The church has a center

where there are a picture and sound presentation on the history of Tara which happens during the tourist season.

In the churchyard at the top of the stairs, there are two stones.  These are remnants of stone monuments on Tara.  The tallest of the two is believed to show a figure of the Celtic fertility God – Cernunnos.

We ended our short hour tour (maybe a bit longer)?  I wish that I could have stayed longer and embraced what was surrounding me, but it is always something good to come back to.

If you like historic, ancient lands and love Ireland, then the Hill of Tara is a definite must on your list to see.

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Go dtí an chead uair eile,



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