Must love salt!  Salt mines at least.

Must love salt! Salt mines at least.


When Austria is mentioned in conversation a few things come to mind.  Saltzburg, Sound of Music and Vienna.  I am generalizing, I do not mean to offend others that think of something else.  So with that being said…

Obertraun and Hallstatt

I had never heard of this incredible little jewel until Whitney brought it up in the initial planning of our Austria trip.  We took an incredible journey on trains to get here from Switzerland.  We started out in the morning in Wengen and ended up in Obertraun close to 9pm.  It was raining, dark and lucky for us very small, so we, thanks to GoogleMaps, found our hotel.  The Hotel Haus Am See.

The staff was great.  Being a small village, they close early, but they were ready for us.  We called, they had a key in a lockbox and we were in.  The only downfall was no elevator or lift. 20191005_175000 Ugg.  Three flights with my overpacked bags reminded me to pack less and lighter next trip. This super creepy lady looked at me each time I went in and out of our room.

Hallstatt Salt Mine

The Hallstatt Salt Mine is awesome!   We took the bus from Obertraun to Hallstatt and then walked to the mine which was really about 5 mins from the bus stop.  We paid inside and took the funicular up the mine.  However, be forewarned!  You have to walk up to the mine and the walk is not for all people.  It is a steep walk up, remember slow and steady?  Again, grateful for Whitney for being so patient and I took lots of pictures on my “catching my breath” rests.   Here is a quick video of the flora and fauna on the way up to the mine. 

Inside the Salt Mine

After huffing and puffing for me, we arrived at the start of the Salt Mine tour.  Let me just though this out there.  There was more steepness for me to conquer.  Huffing and puffing some more.  I made it.  Each journey Whitney took me on, I did it.

The only allow a certain amount of people per tour group.  You get one lead tour guide and there are some people in the mine, but our guide was great.  Her voice carried well.  She spoke in German first and then English, so we were able to follow along.  To get into the mines, you have to wear light pants and a top COLOR_POPover your clothes for protection to your clothes and I am sure so you don’t snag your stuff in the mine.   You can lock all your stuff up in a locker they provide for your use.

I was last in the mine as well, because you have to climb up to get into the mine.  Lots of walking during this holiday and especially when we wanted to see really cool stuff.  Makes sense right?

The tour

To be honest, I did not hear all that was being said about the mine, I have relied on reading the website for more details.  20191005_111151Following at the back makes it hard to hear at times.  This is the entrance to the mine.   We walked in a single file line for a bit and there were sounds and smells that made it an even better experience.  20191005_111159

This was Whitney and I as we were heading into the mine.  I am so glad we took this tour and hiked up to it!  It was amazing.  Below are some pictures from the first part of the entrance as we headed deeper into the mine it just got darker and even cooler in temperature.  They really do a great tour and keep you wondering what is around the corner.

So much to see

It is dark in the mine, so hard to get some good pictures, however, I got a few.  I really tried to listen to all the really cool stuff about the mine.  This is something I recommend to do if in Hallstatt.  Families came too.  There were children all about.  Whitney and I  were able to even have some fun going down slides in the mine!  Check us out ⇓⇓⇓.

This is the oldest ladder in Europe!  It was the original and in really great shape! Found here in this salt mine!

A train ride back to the light

This was such a fun thing to do!  The walk-up, the walk into the mine and the walkout.  We took a train back out into the light and it was really cool.  Sorry, it was a bit over 3 minutes long… tried to trim it, but here we are…

If you are in Hallstatt make sure you take the time to see this incredible part of Austria!

I hope you enjoyed my small version of a really incredible part of Hallstatt.  The Salt Mine.  Don’t forget to stop in the gift shop on your way out!  So many cool things and lots of Salt!!!

As always, comments or corrections are appreciated!

Bis wir uns wieder treffen!







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