Can you braid my hair?

Can you braid my hair?

Braiding hair

I have three younger brothers.  I have two older sisters.  I did not grow up with my sisters, just my three little brothers.  My mother died when I was nine.  My grandmother raised the four of us the best she could.  Braiding hair was not part of the program.

My hair was mostly brushed and off I went.  When I got older, I had a friend who had beautiful hair.  Together one day, we read Teen magazine and saw the instructions for french braids.  That was the start of my braiding services.  I braided her hair often.  I practiced on her, myself and well anyone that I could, never realizing years later with three daughters, that skill would be in constant demand.

Fast forward to three daughters with long hair.  Years I have spent more time, french braiding, fishtailing, regular braiding, mixing braid styles, braiding for curls, braiding to stop bed head, braiding for parties, braiding friends hair, etc…

I guess I am writing about this because just the other day, as I was braiding my sweet granddaughter’s hair, I reflected back to my own messy hair days, when I read that article in Teen magazine about french braids and how I would rush home from work, I have always worked the nightshift, to braid my girls hair before school, how it has come full circle for me in a way.

Now, I get to braid their hair for the pure joy of it.  When my daughters come to me and without saying a word, I know they want Mama to braid their hair and well, it may seem trivial, but when I braid their hair, I am able to talk with them, ask how their day is going.  I get to feel their beautiful hair in my hands and revel in their beauty.

So, when I get a chance, I braid their hair.  I might act like its a big fuss, but inside, I am so happy that I can still this connection with my girls, ( I even braided my son’s hair in his long hair phase).  It seems as though I have passed this down to my girls.  I see my daughter braiding her girl’s hair the same way I did, quick and precise to get the job done and off to the next adventure.

I get to braid their hair for the pure joy of it.  Any chance to brush, part and figure a way to have it look the best is an opportunity I will always take.  Daughters, granddaughters, friends, family.  It is a form of bonding.  Bringing us together one braid at a time.



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