Dún Libhse… on the beautiful coast of North Ireland… Who knew?

Dún Libhse… on the beautiful coast of North Ireland… Who knew?

Dunluce Castle in Irish is Dún Libhse

Who knew?  I know I did not know that my tour bus would be quickly and I say quickly stop off the side of the road to take a look at this impressive now in ruins medieval castle that is in Northern Ireland.

The tour was for the Giants Causeway and The Game of Thrones exhibition.  Can I even tell how excited I was that we stopped on the side of the road and were told by our guide, “you have two minutes and be safe”, most all of us jumped out to see the incredible view of Dunluce Castle.

  • The castle is the film location of the Game of Thrones,  Seat of House Greyjoy, the great castle of Pyke
  • This castle is surrounded by some extremely steep drops on either side
  • Vikings and Christians in early times were drawn to this place 
  • An early Irish fort once stood here
  • Richard Óg de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster, was the first to build this castle in the 13th century
  • Documentation of the McQuillian family know as the Lords of Route having this castle as early as 1513

Local legend says that at one point in its existence, part of the kitchen next to the cliff face collapsed into the sea.  The owners’ wife refused to live there any longer after this happened.  Claimed by the legend, after the kitchen fell into the sea, there was only a boy working in the kitchen that survived, as he sat in the corner of the kitchen that did not collapse.

The kitchen is still intact and is next to the manor house.  The oven, entryways, and fireplace can still be seen.  sitting in the corner of the kitchen which did not collapse. Sometime in the 18th century was when what was the north wall of the manor, fell into the sea.  The south, east and west wall are still standing.  

It is hard to see in these pictures above, but the beauty of Google Photos, which I give credit to for my photo, enhanced one of the photos I took and I just loved it!


I wish we could have spent some time here, but a quick stop was a treat.  For all of Game of Thrones fans, just knowing that filming occurred here, was exciting enough!

Tar liom


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