Anyone who knows me knows I just adore my children and my grandchildren.

They are my life.  However, my “hobby”, my passion for research takes me to my genealogy research.  Most people have heard of this new “hobby” people are embarking on.

I have to give credit where credit is due.  To my sweet father-in-law (at the time).  In 1991, while pregnant with my first daughter, visiting my in-laws, which we did a lot.  I really loved them, they became my ex-in-laws but they were always mom and dad to me and they have since both passed away.

Back to dad.  He tells me about one of his grandmothers in which he only had a handful of documents and a photo.  He wanted to know her story and the story of all the other family members.  No one was really interested.  Along comes, Sheri and she says, “I will help you dad”.

That started it for me

Of course, years went by, children born and raising them was a priority, at first the internet was not even a thing!  For the last ten years, I have been heavy into research, staying up late at night, visiting sites in other states and countries where ancestors have hailed from.

I have been to Scotland four times and once I was able to find the memorial to a known DNA ancestor, (I have done some testing on my own father, male DNA is a hot commodity).

Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl

As you can see I tried to give him a hug, but he was a little stiff.  My research into my Stewart family is an ongoing, challenging, amazing and incredible one!  Thank you, Dad, for all your time and patience.  I hope to write the story of our family, one part at a time.

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Now back to my father-in-law.  Dad, I promise before I leave this place we call Earth, I will a story to tell about your grandmother.  I want to honor you by doing this.  It is the way of the ancestors.  To hand down stories, generation after generation.  I hope to make you proud and know I do this all out of love for you!

Have a great day everyone!



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