Albert Einstein was born here? Yes, here in Ulm, what a really cool town…


This was super cool art on the side of an apartment building and our landmark while were there.

When we made travel arrangements, we were where looking for a town in between Neuschwanstein Castle and Liechtenstein Castle.  We settled on Ulm.  You know when you plan places to go and things to do over 5000 miles away sometimes it does not go as planned.  With that being said, Ulm was a good one!  We planned, we went and we did it!  Ulm was much more than we expected and it was delightful.  FYI, I never did take the picture that says… Birthplace of Albert Einstein.  Trust me I saw it there.  

A little info about Ulm

Ulm lies at the point where the rivers Blau and Iller join the Danube, at an altitude of 479 m (1,571.52 ftabove sea level. Most parts of the city, including the old town, are situated on the left bank of the Danube; only the districts of Wiblingen, Gögglingen, Donaustetten, and Unterweiler lie on the right bank. Across from the old town, on the other side of the river, lies the twin city of Neu-Ulm in the state of Bavaria, smaller than Ulm and, until 1810, a part of it (population c. 50,000)  (Ulm, n.d.)

We arrived in Ulm after taking the train very early from Obertraun, Austria.  It was early in the morning and dark, but our friend at the train station waited with us. 

We arrived in Augsburg as our pick up spot for the totally bitchen Audi that we rented for two days.  It was a sweet ride for sure.  

After a quick how to use the car we headed out to Ulm.  Great drive, a little bit of traffic on our way out of town and then smooth sailing to Ulm.  This is parked in front of the hotel.  

Hotel Astra

We stayed at Hotel Astra in Ulm.  We parked right in front and headed in.  What can I say about our stay?  Very friendly staff, but it felt like we stepped back into time.  The ’50s or 60’s maybe.  The whole vibe of the Hotel.  The size, the rooms, the setup, just felt like a scene from2497643461_288bfb2f8c Get Smart the TV show from the ’60s. That shower, omg, makes me want to go on a diet, lol, it was small and well the shower curtain just stuck with all the water, but the water was hot, so hey when in Hotel Astra… 

After freshening up, we decided to walk to our dinner.  It is the best way to get around town when you have no idea where you are.  Google maps pointed us to a Damn burger.  It sounded good.  Hot food and some exercise. 

We walked through a cemetery and park.  We became tourists quickly.  Churches Ulm Neu-Ulm St George‘s Church Snapping pictures never imagining what was on the other side of the park. 

On the other side of the park, we landed at St. Georges Catholic Church.  First, shout out to St. Georges.  Wow, we were so impressed with the steeple and it is impressive, but we turned our heads a bit and saw an even taller one.  The Ulm Minster.  

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Next post…  Ulm the city and where is Damn Burger? 

Folge mir



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