Beer flight?  Let’s fly…

Beer flight? Let’s fly…

Did you say Beer?

I love wine.  Red wine to be specific.  However, I acquired the taste for a beer about eight or nine years ago.  I am a bit picky about beer.  I tried Guinness for the first time this year, in Ireland, which I thought was appropriate since I was there.  Here in Germany, beer is king.  I have to agree.  They make some dang good beer!

Drinking one my “flights”

After Whitney and I left the park and headed to Damn Burger via Google Maps, we, of course, got a bit distracted being tourists.  We found this really cool part of town which was coincidently was surrounding that really big steeple we saw off in the distance in the park.  It was the Ulm Minster.  Wow, talk about tall!!!

There were shops, looked like a swap meet of sorts right in front of the church.  People all over enjoying the weather and having an afternoon out.  It was really cool.  Needless to say, Damn Burger did not work out for us.  We were still hungry and wanting some beer!  Walking we went, store after store, bakeries, candy stores and then ah-ha!

Beer and food, what a great mix!

We were on a mission!  We found a few places, but when we turned a corner we saw where we wanted to stop for a while.  They made beer on-site!  What was not to like?  Barfüßer die Hausbrauerei.   We hit the jackpot.  It had BEER! FOOD and it was warm inside and smelled so good inside.


Our dinner was so good.  Good beer, good food, and good company.  After we spent some time enjoying we paid up and headed out.  It was getting dark and we had an early day for castle exploration the next day.

We did come back here the next day.  Why not?  We loved the beers, food and the ambiance and it was a good walk after driving for a while.

I highly recommend Barfüßer die Hausbrauerei Ulm if here in Ulm.  It is authentic food, beer, and service.  The restaurant is bright, clean and had plenty of locals there while were there.  I can only imagine this is a local favorite.

We had a great two days in Ulm and also managed to take a few pictures of the Ulm Minster.  It was locked when we went so sadly we could not get inside, but the outside was simply massively impressive.   Got a picture of one of the shop buildings before we had the much-needed cappuccino on our way back!

Ulm is a great city.  I wish we would have longer to spend and explore.  It is on the list of must returns!  If you get a chance to come here, take the time and do it!  I can only imagine what it is like during the summertime and winter, heck all seasons.  Ulm is a really cool city.

Bis zum nächsten Mal 





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