What day is it?

What day is it?

What day is it?  That was the question I was asked about at 8am today when I got my first phone call of the day.  “Excuse me”?, I said repeating the question.  “you heard me”, she said, “what day is it and what time is it as well”?

I was at my other job today.  My other nurse job is more like a Triage nurse, therapist, comforter of the sick and scared and helpful to find things in the community or refer them to the appropriate place.  I also make house calls to my golden-agers.

I told her the day, date and time.  She quickly said, “thank you”, and hung up.  That quick.  I sat back and reflected on my other questions.  Do you live alone?  Do you have a family?  Do you feel sick?  Do you feel safe?

Alone, no family, not sick and felt safe.  She told me she just wanted to know the day even though she was looking at a calendar.  I mean the phone call lasted about 5 minutes but at that time, I conjured all sorts of reasons why she would not know the day.

She did tell me that she was old and that is why she struggles with dates and times.  She sounded happy and assured me she was fine over the phone, but I can’t help but still think about her.  Alone.  4647171543_666e692952_bI am not sure what scares me more, getting older or being alone.  Then I realized it was alone.

I am sure my little lady was fine.  She sounded fine.  I just had a heavy heart today thinking that she was lonely.

I get such a variety of phone calls at this job, but this one just made me feel sad.  I mean like I said, she sounded fine, but I wonder if that is just because she is used to being alone.

If you know someone is alone, make time for them.  If you have a family member or friend that lives alone, go see them.  Call them.  Take time for them and maybe get them a calendar that talks?



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