Newark Castle…Port Glasgow…and a pint or two…or three…

Newark Castle…Port Glasgow…and a pint or two…or three…



Newark Castle was on the list to visit.  I had yet to go to Glasgow, so I was excited to go. 

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  • It is a smaller castle and was not overcrowded

This castle was not built until much later in the 15th century.   James IV stayed here in 1495 while on his campaign trail to the Western Isles.  

In the 16th and 17th century Glasgow was in need.  Attempting to dredge the River Clyde to allow ships to access Glasgow failed over and over and 1668 Glasgow purchased 18 acres of this land in proximation to Newark Castle.

What was then Newport Glasgow is now known as Port Glasgow.   In 1694 the castle was sold to and sublet to tenants because it was just not able to maintain as a castle for a Laird.  It ended up in State care in 1909.   

As we headed back into the great city of Glasgow we stopped at a Liquor Store?  I am not sure if that is what they are called.  I needed to pick up some whisky for our later visit with friends.  The lovely people of Glasgow are sometimes called Glaswegians or Weegies.  Their accent is definitely distinct.  I admit it was hard for me to understand some of the words. I discovered this when I went to pay.  Whew, thank goodness he was patient with me.

Monford House

On to Monford House.  We met with Gary and his lovely daughter Charli.  Gary is a friend of Paula’s.  Found out that Charli and I share a birthday, so we are forever birthday sisters!  Three pints later, only me, Paula drank water, we headed to Dumfries or rather Thornhill where my dear friends or family as I call them live to have dinner and drinks.

It was great fun and so happy to have been able to see the castle, meet Gary and Charli and see a tiny part of Glasgow.  Glasgow, I need to come back and soon!!!

Chì mi thu a dh ‘aithghearr 












So this was my first trip to Glasgow.  Paula had a friend that we met there for some pints and conversation.  Gary and his daughter Charli.  Charli and I share the same birthday and so forever she shall be my birthday sister!







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