The what?

The Devil’s pulpit.  Finnich Glen.  Outlander made this place even more sought after when it was used as Liar’s Spring in one of their episodes.

Finnich Glen

Scottish breakfast sans haggis

Paula and I left early in the morning after breakfast to find the “Devil’s Pulpit” at Finnich Glen.  We were staying in Luss so the drive was not too far.  We dressed for the occasion.  Boots, jackets, long johns, pants, and raincoats.  It rains a lot in Scotland.  Not sure if I have mentioned this before.  I will be honest, I had no idea what I was going to see.  I never saw the aforementioned episode of Outlander.

We found parking off the main road.  Google Maps again prevails.  finnich glen - Google SearchWe had to look for an opening.  A fence… trees… that was it.  At that time there was no sign, but I just read an article that there is a proposal to get a parking area and charge to get in.  Honestly, it can be treacherous, so if there is a way to make it safer with a charge and some parking, then it would be good.  Too many people don’t prepare or know what they are getting into.  Paula knew, but Sheri? nope.

My boot got stuck in mud just walking to the steps to get down.  FB_IMG_1507672300616

Of course, I literally stepped out of my boot and had to hobble to get my foot back in.  Boggy, muddy and this was making me think that what the heck am I getting into.  An adventure that’s what!  Yes, bring it on.  We continued to walk up a bit more and low and behold we found some sketched out steps (Devil’s Steps) with a rope that someone decided to put up to help the adventurers get down somewhat safer.

What is with this Devil dude anyhow?

Note the “stairs” and the “rope on the right side oh and the mud.

The trip down was slippery and was done slowly and carefully.  There was an older couple ahead of us, I swear they were in their 70’s and rocking this whole situation.  During the decent, when I would look down, I could not help but notice the red water.

Finnich Glen, I am sure it was more of a local wonder for quite some time, so with the influx of people and weather, the descent is a bit more treacherous.  We made it to the bottom safe except I had to sit down a few times to get down and well this is what it looked like… but never fear I managed to clean it all off sooner than later.



Was one of the many words that I kept saying to describe the beauty and wonder of this incredible gorge.  Beauty, wonder, amazing the list goes on.  Paula was clicking away with her camera and me with my phone which already had a crack from a drop at Doune Castle… this will be relevant soon.

There were people down there, taking pictures, exploring and heading to the infamous “Devil’s Pulpit”, which had to be walked to through moving water.

It is sort of mushroom-shaped the sticks out of the stream or river is what it felt like to me.  Druids may have had meetings here in secret, Witches could have used it as an execution block and then, of course, the Devil himself would speak to his followers.   I think the red water just added to the mystery.  It is really the red sandstone that causes it.

Time to get to that Pulpit!

I found a small stick to feel the bottom and proceeded to head to the pulpit.  Watching another do the same, I tried to follow her path.  Well, Sheri is a bit clumsy and yes, yes it happened.  I fell in that COLD, rushing, COLD did I mention COLD water, face first, clothes, and oh yes that cracked phone.  I know I was back up in 20 seconds because that COLD water demanded it!

Note the picture was taken on the cracked phone.  My phone survived almost a year after that fall and water dunking.  Whew…  I turned back and decided that a larger stick was needed.  I found my Gandalf stick and headed back, determined to get on to that pulpit and get my picture. FB_IMG_1507672267114 I headed back stick in hand and I made it.  Almost fell like 10 times, but that big ass stick saved me!

I made it!!!!!!

     Hot shower, clean clothes, and food were in order

     after the incredible experience.  I am so glad we

     went there and did that.  I hope one day I can go

     back, perhaps in the summer?  Maybe the water

     won’t be so cold, just cold, not damn cold.

     Fuirich tioram,


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