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Have you seen what Finn MacCool did at the Giants Causeway?

Finn MacCool

Well according to the legend of Finn MacCool or Fionn mac Cumhaill, he is a giant.  Finn is from the Fenian Cycle in Gaelic mythology.  So our tour guide told us one of the versions.


So the story goes… The Scottish giant Benandonner challenged Finn.  Finn accepted the challenge to fight and he built the causeway across the North Channel so they could meet and duke it out.  The story we were told was that Benandonner was much bigger than Finn and when he found out he started to drink before the big fight.  He drank so much he passed out.

His wife Oonagh, was a smart one, dressed him as a baby and tucked him in bed.  When Benadonner came to the door looking for Finn his wife told him that he was not there, just the baby.  Benadonner saw how big Finn’s baby was and figured that Finn was much bigger than him and headed back to Scotland, destroying the causeway so Finn would not be able to chase him down.

The actual way the Giants Causeway formed, was due to an ancient volcanic fissure eruption.  There are about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of the eruption.  On the Isle of Staffa, Fingal’s Cave has the same basalt columns so hence the story could have come from this, but the Giant story is so much more exciting.

Isn’t nature amazing?

Giants Causeway

When we arrived here, I was excited to get out and stretch and admire the incredible beauty of this part of the Atlantic Ocean and Ireland.  There were plenty of tourists, but not so bad that I did not have my own space.  When I travel, especially alone, I just admire the wonder of where ever I am.  I feel so lucky that I am able to travel when I can and its humbling at times.

Climbing around the causeway must be done carefully, it is wet! 

  • There is a visitor centre
  • There is a fee.  If you have a membership to the National Trust, that gets you in
  • You can walk down to the causeway or take a bus for a fee
  • There are some trails you can take
  • You can rent headphones so you can learn about the causeway
  • They use Pounds, not Euro.  This is North Ireland
  • It rains a lot here, so come prepared
  • Make sure if you are in North Ireland or even Ireland come here.  It is worth it

Strangely, out of nowhere, the rain started to roll in at almost the end of my walkabout at the causeway.  (that was supposed to be funny).  I made it on my little walking tour without rain and sure enough, it started as soon as I got into the little bus.  It was cold if you can’t tell and the wind, well let’s just say, it was hard to even smile with the wind at that time smashing my face…

After taking the bus back, I had time for a nice little snack.  I went to the Causeway Hotel for some warming up and food and drink! 

Luckily our bus and the tour group were all on time and my short time at the Causeway came to an end.  Off to the next adventure.  I can’t wait to come back here and adventure on the trails I did not have time for.

Next time Finn, next time. 

Lean mé chuig an gcéad eachtra eile



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  4. One of my favorite topics, Irish folklore and legends. My wife and I went to Ireland last September. My family came from County Clare, so we spent some time out west. I hadn’t been since the 90s! Thanks for your post. I enjoyed it!

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      Thank you so much!!! I loved it there and I really can’t wait to explore Ireland more. So much to see and the culture is amazing. Thank you for reading my post….

  5. Ireland is a strange country, indeed…

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      I loved going there! I can’t wait one day to go back!!!!

  6. I prefer the Benandonner vs Finn explanation over the volcanic fissure story.

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