A Princess castle… Neuschwanstein Castle

A Princess castle… Neuschwanstein Castle

Schloss Neuschwanstein 

The princess castle.  I mean that is what my friends said when I showed them where I was going.  I still can’t say this castles name quickly, I must say it very slow.  It is a long name and it has a very interesting history.  After taking the tour I had a sense of sadness for King Ludwig and his beautiful Castle.

One of the parking lots below Hohenschwangau Castle

It seemed as though he just wanted to have space all to himself, even if it meant breaking the bank.

I was not sure what to expect, but visiting here is definitely a journey.  As you may have seen in some of my other posts from Switzerland and Austria, walking here is a way of life and hills, there are plenty of those.  Up and down hills and I tell you, my Fitbit got a workout!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Neuschwanstein.

  • You must buy tickets to get into the castle
  • You should arrive early, lines get long fast
  • This is a guided tour and approx 35 mins each in either German or English
  • They have audio guides for other languages
  • You must walk up or take a bus up to the castle
  • You must WALK even more to actually get to the castle
  • Mary’s Bridge, aka Pöllat Bridge or Marienbrücke is located in the municipality of Schwangau, not far from Füssen.  It is a bridge across Pöllat gorge. It is situated right behind and in clear line of sight of Castle Neuschwanstein. The bridge was named after Queen Marie. 
  • Parking for cars € 7,00 per day
  • Bus/ coaches € 15,00 per day
  • Caravan/ mobile home € 8,50 per day
  • Motorcycle € 3,00 per day             
Map from the website citation below


That last one was a bummer because the castle is so beautiful inside my heart was sad I could not even snap one shot.  It was not worth being kicked out!    

If you are in Bavaria, take the time to come here.  Plan for the whole day.  There is another castle that you can visit as well as a museum, restaurants, hotels and you can even take a horse-drawn buggy up the hill.  We did however after touring the beautiful castle, walked down the hill, through the beautiful forest to get to our next castle.

Neuschwanstein castle 

Weiter zum nächsten schloss  



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