Schloss Hohenschwangau…

Schloss Hohenschwangau…

 Schloss Hohenschwangau

This is another name that I have to pronounce very slowly or it sounds like words in a blender.  This castle is located in the same area as Neuschwanstein Castle.  It is just one big area of tourism really which we were grateful for.  We really had no idea like I mentioned in my other post of the vastness of this area and all that it entailed.

We imagined a few castles.  Well, um yes there are two castles, but wow, so much more.  This is like a village if you may.  There is organized parking, ticket office, hotels, restaurants, and even a museum.  People come here just to walk.  Walk their dogs, take hikes.  This is like a nature theme park and it is super amazing.  Below is a map they provide on both the website and at the tourist office.  ⇓⇓⇓⇓


  • You buy your tickets at the ticket center
  • There are many tour buses, so be wary of where you walk
  • There are in warmer weather, horse-drawn carriages, be aware of the poo!
  • The walk to Neuschwanstein is a bit more than Hohenschwangau
  • Wear appropriate clothes and that means shoes as well!
  • You can not take pictures inside, however, in Hohenschwangau, you get to take one photo or two out of a window with the supervision of the staff of the beautiful lake the Alpsee
This is only picture allowed to be taken inside the Castle

The story behind this castle

The Crown Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria had the castle which was a ruin of Schwanstien rebuilt from 1832 into “Gothic Style”.  Prince Maximilian was King Ludwig II’s father.  Hence it became Hohenschwangau Castle.

Young Prince Ludwig was impressed by the mountains and the romantic feeling to them and it was one of his cherished places to stay.  The castle had been decorated with scenes of medieval legends and poetry and embracing the legend of the swan knight Lohengrin as well.  Back to the swan.  The swan was also the heraldic animal of the Counts of Schwangau.  King Maximilian II had already made the swan a leitmotif of Hohenschwangau Castle.

We walked down from the castle and saw this horse-drawn carriage.  Incredibly beautiful horses.

I felt so bad for them, they looked like they were struggling.  I hope they got plenty of food and rest.  We saw a few more by the tourist office.

We finished up our day having a nice lunch, dessert and of course some beer!

If in this part of the beautiful world, make the time to come here.  You won’t be sorry!



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