Traveling to Glencoe and the beauty along the way…

Traveling to Glencoe and the beauty along the way…

Road Trip

Traveling with my friend Paula and her being such an Outlander fan required stops that had something to do with Outlander.  Scotland is beautiful everywhere so no matter the stop it was awesome.  We were heading to Glencoe.  For all you Outlander fans out there then you know that Glencoe is in the opening credits of every episode.

Loving the cloudy weather

Driving to Glencoe was a beautiful scene.  We were traveling in October, so the rain was almost always guaranteed every day.  I think it might be like that most of the time in Scotland.   We stopped often, along the way for photos and admiration for the landscape.  It did not disappoint.

The great thing about renting a car while on vacation is you can stop when you want to see the beauty that surrounds you!

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Our final destination for the next few nights was in Onich at Glendevin.  Judy and Archie were wonderful hosts and I recommend staying here if in this part of the world.

We checked in and headed out for dinner!  Dinner was a short walk to The Four Seasons Pub and Restaurant.

Delicious hot food and warm atmosphere!  Very conveniently close to Glendevin as well.  This was our dinner source for the next few days.  If you get a chance to go to Glencoe please do so.  I will post more on this beautiful glen of volcanic origins.

Chì mi thu a dh ‘aithghearr




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