Glenfinnan Monument on a cloudy day

Glenfinnan Monument on a cloudy day

Traveling with Paula was amazing.  She had so many places on our list to see that I for one was not even aware of.  This was one of them.


It is a part of the National Trust for Scotland.   I am a member and so lucky us, we had a parking pass which we used here and a few other places.  We were traveling in October, so the days were mostly cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  Ok, maybe not the meatballs, but Haggis with a pint, I prefer Haggis bonbons, with a pint and all is well.

Glenfinnan is taken care of by the National Trust for Scotland.  It is £60.00 for the year roughly $75-$80 American dollars depending on the current transaction rate.  This monument is honoring the fallen Jacobite clansmen.  It is surrounded by the incredible Highland landscape.

There is a lone highlander who, wearing a kilt stands on top of the monument.

We climbed to the top of the monument



  • The monument was erected in 1815 a tribute to the Jacobite Clansmen who fought and died for the Jacobite Rising
  • They fought and died for the cause of Bonnie Prince Charles
  • This monument was designed by Scottish architect, James Gillespie Graham
  • It is a tight squeeze to get to the top just in case you wondered
  • On Aug 19th, 1745 the raising of the Prince’s Standard took place
  • It was the last attempt to reinstate the Stuarts on the throne of Great Britain and Ireland 
  • The Stuarts were in exile
  • It is Loch Shiel that you can see from the top of the monument
  • Harry Potter fans come here to see the awesome Glenfinnan Viaduct a film location and the island where Tri-Wizard Tournament was held
  • You can just admire the incredible Glenfinnan Viaduct as well 

Make sure you have a look around at the Visitor Center

It is not just a place to pay and gain entrance, but they have really cool things in there for purchase.  They also have displays and an audio program about Bonnie Prince Charles’s campaign from Glenfinnan on to Derby and then finally at Culloden.   This is also a National Trust Site.

This modern exhibition in the visitor center shows the story of Bonnie Prince Charles and the 1745 Jacobite Rising.

After leaving we headed back to the car.  This incredibly adorable little bird just flew to the car and obviously wanted a treat, which I had none, but he or she stayed long enough for us to take lots of adorable pictures.

What a great way to end our visit there at Glenfinnan.  I would go back.  There really is nowhere in Scotland that I would not go back over and over.

Thank you for reading and following along in my journeys.

Tiaraidh an dràsda 



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