Neist Point and the incredible views courtesy of Scotland of course…

Neist Point and the incredible views courtesy of Scotland of course…

Neist Point

I came here in 2016 and this is where I met my friend Paula.  Little did I know that she and I would be back here a year later, a few months later than April and able to take out time enjoying the incredible awesome beauty that Scotland shares with you!

When traveling in Scotland remember that clouds and rain are part of the landscape and on a day like this one it was incredible.

We traveled to Skye via our rental car so we were able to stop and bask in the beauty that is Scotland.

We stopped at Eilean Donan Castle.

Eilean Donan Castle is very famous

 Many movies have been filmed here

You will recognize this castle for sure.  The day we went, unlike the day in April the year before, the wind was off the hook.  We just wanted some photos of the castle and it took all we could not to fly into each other and fall into the loch.

After admiring this beautiful castle, we headed to our final destination.

Neist Point

This is where Paula and I met on a tour of Skye in May 2016.  Never thinking that we would be back and yet we made it!

The wind did not really let up that day and it rained off and on, but hey we were dressed for the weather.  What I did not realize, the last time I was there we only stopped for a bit, this time we walked down to the lighthouse and man oh man, the stairs to get there and back…

Wow is all I can say

I will blame the lack of oxygen on a possible diagnosis of asthma.  With that being said.  Paula is in good physical form, but the slow and steady Sheri made it!

We could not get up close to the lighthouse due to some repair work, but we were able to breathe in the beauty that surrounded us.

The Isle of Skye is just one of the most amazing sites in Scotland

I feel so lucky that I have been here twice and I plan on returning again and again.  If in Skye, come here and take in the beauty of Scotland.  I hope you enjoyed the video!

Beannachd leibh


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