George…he is my protector…

George…he is my protector…


“What is his name”?, I asked when we just made it before closing at the small adoption center in our local mall.  “O’Malley”, she said as she brought him in a small area so I and one of my daughters and Luna my “rescue” nervous girl could meet “O’Malley”.

George looking scared

Luna was not having it

The young lady working there was petting and trying to get “O’Malley”, to calm down, but really after being brought out of the “caged” area with plexiglass that bowed under his incredible jumping abilities for such a short-legged dog, there was not stopping his curiosity and excitement.

Our “Luna” was so indifferent to him.  He was too bouncy and smelled her too much.  Low growls and body language told me that though she did not “like” him, she would learn to love him as her brother.  We changed his name to George and he seemed to like it better.  Its suits him.

I have dogs all of my life.  Before I was born, dogs were in the house, but George is like no other fur baby I have had.  He has so many issues, ones that are resolving a bit, but for most rescue dogs, some damage that is done to them is just irreversible.  He really does not like men, but for whatever reason, he adores my brother.  He also loves my son in law and my son (mostly) and tolerated my dad sometimes.

George had to contend with three other fur babies when he came home but in the last few years, has made his place in our hearts and our home.  He adores my grandbabies.  He plays with almost all of the cats and loves to jump as high as his stubby legs let him.

Elle our Husky and our “princess”, Remi the five-pound tornado and also a rescue and little Luna, of course, a rescue and a nervous girl, but we love them all.  The personalities are a force to be contended with.

When choosing a new fur baby to be in your life.  Really, really consider the rescue pup or older dog.  George was almost one when he came home and in just that short amount of time, the abuse that he endured left a forever mark in his heart.  He knows, without a doubt that he is loved.  Please, never yell or get too close to his mama, because he becomes a force to be dealt with.

All of our babies are precious.  Remember that they adore you and all they want is your love, affection and time.  They would give you their life.

George, he is my protector and I am his.



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