Being a nurse Life by Sheri

Day one of three…

I finished the first of three nights of work.  The halls still quiet and now even with a stranger feel.  “prepare for the surge”.  It sounds so ominous.  A strange quiet that we hear and a strange “vibe” we all feel.

The “new norm”

When I hear it worded this way I think of a tsunami.  Right now we are at the part where the water rolls back far far away from the shore, the rise of the water and constant flow has not happened.

Being in California, “we have not hit our surge yet”,  we are being told.  I can’t help but constantly watching everyone in New York daily, their surge is terrifying.  ♥My heart is with them as well as everyone else.  Louisana is projected to be the next hotspot.  California is on that list.

As much as I try to be a positive person, being fed a consistent source of impending doom is even a bit much for me.

Will I get the virus at work?  Will I bring it home to my family?  Will I just get it?  All the same, questions we all have.

We are having our ways of coping…  I just pray that we survive the unseen beast.  It could attack mildly or viciously.   Remember, it affects ALL of US.  Let us be kinder to each other and remember that this entire world is being affected in some way.  There are stories everywhere, every day.

My utmost respect and love to all of those exposed every single day.  

The latest updates from work

My patients need me to be the same helpful and caring person that I was and always will be.

Take heed:

Physical distancing and handwashing go a long way!

Stay safe,



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  1. Dear Sheri, Thank you for sharing. I will be praying for strength, courage, supernatural protection, and fortitude through this time of trial. You are blessed. You will travel again. Who knows what amazing adventures await next March? Love!

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Awwww thank you so much for your kind and uplifting words.. and yes.
      I cant wait to get back on a plane for adventure… and you stay safe!!!!.

  2. How are you today? Hope you staying safe? Thank you for always liking my post. I hope one day we see one on one. God bless ya!

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you I am good. Hope you are well and you stay safe as well. Thank you for reading my posts as well! Take care.

  3. Thank you for All your doing, including taking time to write to us. My thoughts are with you. Take care 🌷 suzanne

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you so much for reading! Please stay safe and keep your family safe as well!

  4. Start safe. You’re doing a heroic job.

  5. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

    Thank you so much…. Stay safe was well…xoxo

  6. Thank you for you heroic service to everyone in your community and wishing you safety and good health!

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you, but I think we are all heros and I appreciate your kind words. Stay safe… Sheri

  7. Stay safe and like all our front line staff across the globe, may you stay blessed.

  8. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

    Thank you so much!!!!. I will as much as I can and you and yours as well!!!

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and with the world. It is heartbreaking sitting home and watching this play out. As a retired ER nurse and doctor we can’t imagine how bad things are in health care although we are hearing about the badness from our colleagues who are still working.
    God bless you and stay safe and healthy.
    Jim & Sandy

  10. Being in NJ about 30 miles from the epi-center of NYC, we are experiencing tremendous loss and positive cases, as well as serious lack of supplies. I pray for you, as well as your other healthcare colleagues – when it hits,. It hits hard, and it’s incredibly scary.

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      OMGosh… my heart hurts for all of us, but the updates from NYC and now NJ, just knowing how much we are lacking in supplies…. Thank you so much and I pray for us all!!!! Stay safe!!!! xoxo

  11. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

    Thank you.. it’s just so surreal… you take care…xoxo

  12. Thanks for sharing, Sheri. Stay safe.

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      Thank you for reading!! I know COVID has overtaken the internet, its just a way for most of us to vent and express…
      Thank you!

  13. Stay safe…and bless all you health care workers and first responders…and people that keep the hospitals up and running! We have been pretty lucky so far here in Canada, but we all know that can change very quickly! xoxo

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      It is so fluid and one hour to the next life is changing. Be safe and thank you so much…

  14. Thanks so much for sharing and of course for your service. You are the war personnel on the front line. I hope there is no surge of Corona in California. Please keep us updated when you can.

    1. wherewillyoubeinayear says:

      We all in some way!!! Thank you so much!!!! I hope no surge but all I have been hearing there will be.. I hope that is wrong..
      I will and stay safe!
      Thank you,

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