Life By Sheri

Life By Sheri

Madainn mhath!!!  

(Welcome in Scottish Gaelic)

My name is Sheri.  Fifty-two years young and excited to be alive.  Life is most definitely a gift.  We are NEVER guaranteed tomorrow.  My career choice has allowed me the first-hand experience to see life taken from the very young and very old.  Mother to 4 amazing children and 5 incredible grandchildren, 4 little princesses and one little prince!

I love to travel!

I bit this travel bug finally!!! in 2016 and don’t want to stop.

My other passion, besides my family, is well, my family.  I LOVE researching my family tree.  I have in the past few years met cousins that are close in proximity and far, far away.  We have had some family gatherings and plan more for the future.  It amazes me on a daily how our ancestors lived and how they procreated and how we ended up where we are today.

I have to say, the drive to locate my ancestors and the incredible desire to go to Scotland since I can remember and I am talking from childhood, drove me to go there first and spend a month there!!!

I also work as a Registered Nurse on the nightshift, the past 18 years!  There could be a post or two about just life in the nurse lane or family stuff.

Follow me on my journey of travel, research, family, writing, work, and fun.  I promise it will be an experience to remember.

Tiaraidh an dràsda!!!

(Bye for now)!!



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