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Lindores Abbey Distillery

What a great day!  The Stewart Society is having their annual gathering and I am part of the festivities this year!  Our first adventure was on Friday, the 3rd of August.  We went to three places.  This post is on the Lindores Abbey Distillery. We were on a tour bus, so it was awesome not to have to worry about…

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I am here! Back to my beloved Scotland

This trip to Scotland is shorter than the last two I took and with as much effort as possible, written about in real time!  I am here.  Long and I mean long travel day started on the 1st and ended about 21:00 here at the Agnes Blackadder Hall. I started out in Long Beach at my favorite airport, sent to…

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Newcastle Upon Tyne/Bamburgh Castle/Alnwick Castle

Newcastle Upon Tyne.  For the Americans that scratch their heads and say Tyne huh? Tyne is the river that runs through Newcastle.  It was once a coal mining town and where my dad’s best friend was born.  My new family picked me up at the train station and I knew who they were right away!!! I met them by the…

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Drumnadrochit/Loch Ness

Drumnadrochit.  It’s Gaelic for sure.  As are most of the names of town and villages and such I believe in Scotland.  🙂  Loch Ness and Nessie all of it so wonderful yes?  Urquhart Castle.  So beautiful.  I arrived there via bus in the morning and heading up the road to my hostel.  I stopped at the store and bought my…

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Inverness.  The capital of the Highlands. The  beautiful River Ness runs through it.  I arrived here after the Isle of Lewis and was going to be going to a Highland Games event at Gordon Castle.  The Highland Games are traditionally in spring and summer.  I was able to take a bus from Inverness and go to the lovely Gordon…

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Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones.  Then name envokes mystery.  A place I have longed to see.  It is located on the Isle of Lewis.  I  arrived on Lewis via Harris that all started on a ferry. It did not take too long to get from Skye to Lewis on the bus.  I was looking forward to checking into the .  I had…

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My 8 hour tour of the Isle of Skye

Skye.  Just the name sounds heavenly.  Driving over the bridge to Skye is a wonder to see.  I have to admit, this trip in 2016, my photos were either tons or few and on Skye it was hit or miss.  I have mentioned that I had to use a tablet because the palace of Linlithgow killed my phone in one…

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Dinosaurs!!! Staffin Bay Beach

  Dinosaurs!! . I had read about them before getting here and I told my oldest daughter I would find them and take my shoes off and put my foot where there foot was.  Well, I found them, but alas, the tide was rising, it was sooooo sooooo slippery and we had minutes to get back to the bus, but I…

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Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle.  May 10th 2016.  Super duper popular castle as I found out during my research and could not wait to see it.  I passed it by on my way to Skye and took the same bus back the next morning.  I got there before it opened, most of my time I was up early and traveling early…

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