• Scotland 2017,  Travels in the United Kingdom

    Rosslyn Chapel

    First stop Our first stop after leaving the airport and getting our rental car.  First, a shout out to Paula for driving.  I know I posted driving in the U.K. in previous posts, but this is where I watched and…

  • Travels in Europe


    Poppi.  Who knew?  We were going to be driving for a while on day three from Pisa to San Marino, FYI that is a small country in Italy.  We wanted to avoid the expensive toll roads as much as possible…

  • Travels in Europe

    Tower of Pisa

    When you hear the name Pisa most people think of the leaning tower of Pisa, but there is so much more to see and do in this really cool town.  From my first post, you saw that we arrived at…

  • Guam 2016,  Travels in the United States

    Guam 2016 Part 2

    Spending time with my kids was the best thing about Guam, but by far, it is very very beautiful.  Japanese and Korean tourists frequent Guam because of the distance and one of their sayings is.. Where America’s Day begins.  The…

  • Guam 2016,  Travels in the United States

    Guam October/November 2016

    Hafa Adai.  One phrase that I heard used throughout Guam. .  One of the tropical islands that is a US Territory.  I don’t like that word.  I believe it should be a state and have all the rights that states…

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