• Travels in South America

    Breezy day in Aguas Caliente

    Sunday The day for rest or exploring a little, lunch with friends and preparing for Machu Picchu. Wait! There is really no preparing for Machu Picchu if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast but that is for the next post.   …

  • Travels in Europe

    Walking through Rome

    Walking through Rome Walking through Rome was busy to say the least.  I have to back track one day and show you a picture that I took when we first arrived and took a walk after being in the car…

  • Travels in Europe

    Arriving in Rome

    Rome What can one say about the Capital city of Roma?  A lot.  It is a cosmopolitan city that has both the ancient, old and new all mixed in together.  It is a hustle and bustle of teeming life.  People…

  • Travels in Europe


    Meta   Not quite Naples, not quite Sorento, but in between.  How amazing that we could stay on both the coasts of Italy and experience such a difference in coastlines. We drove from Matera, what a drive.  OMG.  I tell you,…

  • Travels in Europe

    Tower of Pisa

    When you hear the name Pisa most people think of the leaning tower of Pisa, but there is so much more to see and do in this really cool town.  From my first post, you saw that we arrived at…

  • Travels in Europe


    Welcome to Italy!  Welcome to my post on my Italian vacation.  Pisa will be our first stop.  I came here with my friend Whitney, a well deserved vacation for both of us.  Where do I begin?  Well, we took our…

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